2009 Ford Super Duty Owners Manual

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MULTI-FUNCTION LEVER Windshield wiper: Rotate the end of the control away from you to increase the speed of the wipers; rotate towards you to decrease the speed of the wipers. Rain sensing wipers (if equipped): The rain sensing wipers will automatically activate when moisture is present on the windshield and the multi-function switch is set to one of five auto/interval sensitivity settings. The wipers will continue to wipe as long as the presence of moisture is detected on the windshield. The speed of the rain sensing wipers will vary based on the amount of moisture detected on the windshield and the auto/interval setting. The speed is automatically increased at night. Note: The rain sensing wiper feature must be turned off before entering a car wash. Rotate the end of the control to the OFF position. Windshield washer: Push the end of the stalk: • briefly: causes a single swipe of the wipers without washer fluid. • a quick push and hold: the wipers will swipe three times with washer fluid. • a long push and hold: the wipers and washer fluid will be activated for up to ten seconds. Courtesy wipe feature: One extra wipe will occur a few seconds after washing the front window to clear any excess washer fluid remaining on the windshield.

Introduction 4 Instrument Cluster 12 Warning lights and chimes 12 Gauges 18 Entertainment Systems 22 AM/FM stereo 22 AM/FM stereo with CD/MP3 24 Auxiliary input jack (Line in) 32 USB port 34 Satellite radio information 37 Navigation system 40 SYNC 40 Climate Controls 41 Manual heating and air conditioning 41 Dual electronic automatic temperature control 44 Navigation system based climate control 49 Rear window defroster 53 Lights 54 Headlamps 54 Turn signal control 58 Bulb replacement 59 Driver Controls 65 Windshield wiper/washer control 65 Steering wheel adjustment 66 Power windows 72 Mirrors 74 Speed control 80 Message center 89 Tailgate 113. ( Source : http://www.tiajayamotor.com/pdf-2009-ford-super-duty-owners-manual.pdf )

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