1996 VW GTI Auto Transmission Fluid

1996 VW GTI Auto Transmission Fluid - Welcome to our blog and we hope you will be satisfied. Guys, what are you looking is here. Below, you can download 1996 VW GTI auto transmission fluid for free. But it will be better if you read the review of 1995- 1996 Volkswagen Cabrio, Golf III, GTI, Jetta III Manual Transmission OverHaul Service repair Manual.Type 020 is a 5-speed transaxle consisting of an input shaft, mainshaft/drive pinion shaft and a differential assembly which transfers power to front wheels. Use hypoid oil API GL4, MIL-L2105 SAE 75 or G50 SAE 75W90 synthetic lubricant.

See appropriate MANUAL TRANSMISSION SERVICING article in TRANSMISSION SERVICING section for adjustments. Transaxles are identified by a type number as well as a 2 letter suffix. Transmission type is cast into transmission case. Code letter and production date information is stamped on a machined surface located on upper portion of engine-to-transaxle mating surface.Shift into 1st gear, push gearshift lever to left stop. Release lever. Lever should spring back to right. Shift lever should rest in 3rd/4th gear plane. To adjust position, transmission in neutral and loosen clamp at selector shaft.

Insert Position Gauge (VW 3104) on shift lever housing. Align selector rod/lever. Retighten clamp. If gear fails to engage smoothly during repeated shifting, engage 1st gear. Press shift lever gently to left to remove play. Distance between gearshift housing to travel stop must be .04-.06″ (1- 1.5 mm). Adjust by turning eccentric adjuster in shifter housing. Torque clamping bolt to 18 INCH lbs. (2 N.m). See appropriate MANUAL TRANSMISSION REMOVAL article in TRANSMISSION SERVICING section.
Download 1996 VW GTI Auto Transmission Fluid.