Portable Air Conditioner Review

Portable Air Conditioner Review - Portable Ac is one of hot keyword that most of American are looking for it. It’s not easy to keep sane under uncomfortable and very warm situations. So, it is indispensable that during the summer season, it’s a necessity to use an air conditioner to be able to keep doing our ADLs.

We’ve used our new portable air conditioner heavily over the past several days and it has worked like a charm keeping our kitchen cool and comfortable. So if you’re in need for a cool summer breeze within your home you may want to take a look at this air conditioner.

Here are some of LG’s air portable air conditioners:

LG 9000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This unit is famous for its use of non-rust, non-corrosion technology. It was released just June of this year. It can effectively cool a room either large or small. It has a special refrigerant which increases its cooling capabilities and makes it faster. This uses the principle of evaporation in order to cool by removing the water from the air and separates the cool air from the warm air.
It comes with a remote control for easier control. It has a fan which is available at three different speeds and a timer which can run for 24 hours (auto shut off feature). The product has one year warranty. It was fairly rated, 3/5 stars, by users. The lowest price that this portable air can be found is at $399.

LG 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

As like the LG portable air conditioner 9000 BTU, this one has almost the same features. It has a three-speed fan, a 24 hour timer with automatic shut down feature. Its air swings can be moved up or down and it has an energy saver switch.

It has very good reviews about how it can lower the temperature of a room. Most are saying that after a smaller amount of time, compared to previously tried brands, this models of LG cools faster. This is very true since it has 12,000 BTUs, meaning it is very effective in cooling (the higher the BTU, the greater is the ability of a product to cool a room).

Most also commend it for its low sound levels and easy and fast installation. It is cheap. It costs, for its lowest price, $365. One major drawback is that, for a portable appliance, it is quite heavy and bulky (20x19xx33 inches). Another is that it only has a 90 day warranty.

LG LP1200bXR air conditioner

Having 12,000 BTU, one can expect that this model can effectively condition a small or large room. It has the usual perks, 24-hour timer, remote control, and 3-speed fan. Also it is fairly quiet. It is a little pricey than it’s relatives though. Its price ranges from $430 to $450.