Oracle Linux Test (OLT) User Manual Guide

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Oracle Linux Test (OLT) User Manual Guide. This document details the steps to setup and execute OLT kit . The steps to setup the kit and execute the tests on your system include . Verification of Hardware Requirements . PreInstallation a.OS Configuration b.Storage Configuration ..OLT Installation and Configuration . Execution of OLT tests Single instance , RAC . Execution of OLT Destructive tests . Results Collation for Auditing. The following are the minimum requirements  Server Requirements ■ 2 Servers or more setup as a RAC cluster= ■ For 11gR2, 1 SCAN name ( with 1 SCAN IP ) for a RAC cluster. ■ On each server,  3 IP addresses per RAC node  2 public IP addresses for public and vip interfaces ( Note: The ip address of the vip interface should be in same subnet as the public interface) ; and  One private IP for the interconnect.  At least 2 network ports for interconnect and public networks ■ one dedicated network port for interconnect ■ one dedicated network port to be used for public and vip networks  Disable NUMA via the BIOS settings ( if it is provided )  For validating NAS, a dedicated network port is required. An additional IP address is required for configuring this interface.  For validating SAN, Single or multiple FC cards for the SAN.  Storage Requirements – Storage such as NAS or a SAN which can be configured for asm/asmlib or ocfs2. The following are the storage requirements for the OLT kit.
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