XJ Cherokee Owners Manual PDF

XJ Cherokee Owners Manual PDF - Welcome to our blog and we hope you will enjoy the article. Guys, what are you looking for is here. You can also download it below. But we think it will be better if you read the review of 1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ Factory Service Manual first.

1988 1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ Factory Service Manual. On this Jeep Cherokee Service manual you will find various parts that you can repair manually such as Amperes,A/C,Air Conditioning,Automatic Transmission/Transaxle,AAP, Auxiliary Accelerator Pump,Air Bleed,Air Bleed Control Valve,After Bottom Dead Center,Air Bag Restraint System,Anti-Lock Brake System,Thermactor Air Control Valve,A/C Clutch Compressor and much more.For engine repair procedures not covered in this article,see ENGINE OVERHAUL PROCEDURES – GENERAL INFORMATION article in the GENERAL INFORMATION section.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is located on the upper left side of dash, visible through windshield. The fourth character of the VIN identifies the engine size. The tenth character identifies the model year. Some engines are produced at the factory with oversize orunder size components. These engines are identified by a letter code stamped between ignition coil and distributor. Letters are decoded as follows:Throttle body removal is necessary prior to manifold removal. Throttle body can be separated from the manifold and secured in a designated area with vacuum hoses attached.
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