Grand Vitara Wiring Diagram

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Suzuki Grand Vitara LX 4WD Owners Manual, For 2005, the Suzuki Grand Vitara is essentially unchanged, the exception being the addition of a standard three-point seatbelt for the rear center seat. With the demise of the Vitara V-6 this year, Suzuki’s hopes for success in the small-SUV segment rest solely on the Grand Vitara. Powered by a 2.5-liter V-6 rated at 165 hp, the Grand Vitara is offered in two trim levels: LX and EX, each available with rear- or four-wheel drive. A five-speed manual is standard on the LX, while a four-speed automatic sees standard duty on the EX. The Grand Vitara is well suited for off-road use, thanks to a ladder frame and an optional four-wheel-drive system that includes a low-range gearset. What this Suzuki offers in off-road capability, though, it gives up in on-road manners to the more refined Honda CR-V and Subaru Forester. A rear-drive LX’s base price is under $19,000.

The Forenza sedan and wagon get freshened front-end styling and a new wheel design and come in a simplified trim-level structure. We’re still wondering what a “Vitara” is, grand or otherwise. In any event, there’s a new one. According to Suzuki, this Grand Vitara combines unibody and ladder-frame construction, has an independent suspension, and will be available with dual-range four-wheel drive. ( Source : )

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