The Best Health Insurance

Health insurance is the most important insurance needs before you have an insurance program and other investments. Because your health is authorized to perform various activities of this life. The high pollution and the capital city lifestyle with the needs of increasingly irregular exercise and inadequate rest, including eating patterns also now increasingly an instant, all was further increased to HEALTH RISK. Thus, one's chances for the sick is very high. While the cost of health care or treatment is increasingly expensive, especially the cost of hospital and medical supplies. 

In general, the product consists of Health: Health Insurance and Health Benefits. Both products have a very fundamental difference. 

Health Insurance will provide reimbursement based on actual invoice receipt and Maximum Medical Expense Benefit Table for the health insurance policy. Health Insurance Claims can be done with Cross Benefit, which is doing Difference Claims against the benefits already paid insurance to other insurance companies using copy files that have been legalized by the previous insurer. There is a very comprehensive benefits: Inpatient, Outpatient, Outpatient Maternity, Dental Treatment and Glass Eye Treatment. 

Health Benefit will provide appropriate reimbursement amount per contract is planned for each day of hospitalization stay. Health Benefits of this can be done Double Benefit, which is a double claim to more than one insurance company to the benefit of each intact. It can also be defined as compensation to the replacement of lost income per day due to Risk of Hospitalization for Illness or Accident. This program is a RIDER (Insurance extra) in the Unit Link Life Insurance Program.