Tips for Calculating Insurance Premiums Education

Often parents do not take into account how much money is going to receive from the insurance to cover the cost of his future education.
Strive sufficient amount from the insurance fund your children's education costs, especially in case of a claim. If any amount is less, try not great enhancements later. This course aims to optimize the benefits of insurance that you want to follow.
Here's how to count education funds for children:

1. First know how the cost of education today. If your child is currently still a toddler, you need to know how the current education costs for kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, and PT.
2. Calculate, how much longer your child will achieve the educational ranks. For example, your newborn child. So, you've got about 4 years to prepare for the cost of kindergarten, 6 years for elementary school; 12 years for junior high; 15 years to high school, and 18 years for PT.
3. Figure out how your child's future education expenses. Assuming a 10 percent increase in tuition fees / year, the kindergarten registration fees at this time, for example, Rp. 5 million, after 4 years will be Rp. 7.3205 million. The formula is Rp. 5 million x 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1). Repeat for the ranks of education to another.
4. To protect your child's education costs from the risk of death of parents or the inability of parents to earn a living due to permanent disability, life insurance or take insurance fund education. Large sum assured (UP) and fellowships per stages should be able to cover the cost of children's education that you had planned on.

* Make sure your family gets the insurance benefits in the form:

1. Compensation for Wife / Husband
2. All funds of savings and divide the result
3. Money entered kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, to Higher Education
4. Tuition per year for kindergarten, elementary school (6 years), Junior High School (3 years), Senior High School (3 years), and Higher Education/ University (4 years)
5. Ask your insurance agent to the illustration, so you know how much that insurance premiums should you pay so your child can continue their education in the schools with the quality you want and get all the benefits above.