2009 Mini Cooper Owners Manual

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For 2009, the Mini Cooper convertible is absolutely remodeled, becoming a member of the same all-new foundation as the hatchback and Clubman. The newest high-performance John Cooper Works style also debuts, wearing a friskier turbocharged engine, improved braking system and unique design hints within and out. The only other considerable modify this season is conventional balance management for all Cooper versions.

The 2009 Mini Cooper is the vehicle comparative of a boundlessly dynamic Port Russell terrier. Sure, it creates a lot of disturbance. Sure, it performs a little difficult sometimes. And, well, it's little. But when that dog is bounding toward you, yipping gaily, mouth peeled returning in an obvious look, you can't help but look returning. That's the Mini simply speaking -- it's not the most enhanced pup in the cover, but its modern individuality is limited to win you over.

Let's begin with the Cooper's retro-cute mug, which stands for the unique Minis of many years ago. It's vintage done right, in our combined viewpoint, offering just enough old-school appeal without going over the top. Keep in mind those old Dodge Neon ads that finished with the car saying "Hi"? The Cooper says "Hi" too, but with a naughty look that draws stylistic trendsetters and vehicle fanatics in equivalent statistics.

Download 2009 Mini Cooper Owners Manual.