2012 Fisker Karma Owners Manual

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2012 Fisker Karma is the world's first power automobile and a extreme idea of what is possible in the vehicle world. Fisker Karma is a new car with all-new technology from an all-new companies – comes in showrooms this summer, establishing a new standard for time-to-market after establishing as a idea in 2008 and created the Top quality High-class EV section. Mixing stunning, stylish design with powerful, ultra-low petrol intake and zero pollutants on demand, four-door, four chair brand investment Fisker Karma High-class Accountable for creating no-compromise automobile that provides Genuine Driving Interest.

Fisker Karma comes with a 255 – power, 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo four GM Ecotec engine – cyndrical tube unit in a front side engine and 175 power vegetation – kW, while in Game function, and then push cellular Lithium £ 606 315 – KW ion energy management. This set of 20 – kW which eventually for the two 201 – power motor unit is placed at the top side and back single rate back differential. Overall, all the good actions for 981 gardens stonking weight – twisting. So the base moves back and therefore inclined toward the top side.

Fisker Karma In function activities, or can we expect an enhanced way – great, top rate is left out to 125 km / h and speed to 60 mph now happens in 5.9 a few moments, like it or not. Come back. He stated the greatest range of activities function is 300 kilometers. The gas container and the engine is only 9.5 liters of ER, saving weight sloshy. Perhaps the self announced per quart in this state, the greatest is 100 kilometers, it certainly will charge the power supply two or three times a night, they get rid of through all fluid energy sources.

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