1996 Ford Windstar Owners Manual

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Ford increased result on the 3.8-liter V6 from 155 to 200 power. Decrease and devices have been improved, and four-wheel dvd braking system come with grip management or the tow program. A new incorporated kid protection chair has been included to the alternatives list. Tune-ups occur every 100,000 kilometers. Traction management is now optionally available.

Until mid-1994, nobody had seriously inhibited Chrysler's control of minivan revenue. All past efforts by home and brought in companies couldn't go with the Chrysler conventional for user-friendliness. They were either underpowered, too high off the earth, or the incorrect dimension. When Windstars combined into Ford display rooms, Chrysler lastly had been bested at its own activity.

For a while, at least. 1996 Ford Windstar's brilliance become short-lived. The 1996 Chrysler minivans are simply best-in-class. The Ford is still quite good--even more so now that Ford has considerably improved the 1996 edition and the competitors is pushing Windstar costs to dip, by means of revenue discounts and swiftly backed rental offers.

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