2009 Scion tC Owners Manual

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For 2009, the Scion tC line drops the tuner-oriented, decontented Specifications decrease, making the well-equipped conventional edition as the single providing.

If you want a formula for a strong-selling car for the popular 20-to-30-something group, ask Scion. Take a strong foundation with a well-tuned revocation and a powerful engine, add in a lot of conventional functions such as 17-inch metal tires, air-conditioning, a sunroof and a nice music, cover it all up in a wisely eye-catching coupe-styled body and give it deal costs, and you have this year's Scion tC.

Having a sense of balance is always a advantage, and the Scion tC displays that advantage by giving pretty fitness managing along with a certified trip. Rather than a high-winding engine that needs a lot of revs to create the efficiency, the tC utilizes a big-for-the-class 2.4-liter four that gives powerful low- and mid-range power.

Another ace in the tC's hand is its relatively elegant cottage and flexible back seat. The former functions high-quality components and limited excellent, while the latter has enough room for two grownups, a unusual high-class in the lightweight game vehicle section.

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