2012 Kia Rio Owners Manual

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We've seen it before, with the Optima, the Sorento, the Forte and Soul. Now it's the 2012 Kia Rio's convert, and it's another significant update into the big teams. The Rio is as excellent as the last Honda Civic we truly experienced driving--the pre-2006 version--and connects the  Chevy Sonic, Ford Fiesta and Hyundai Accent  as one of the new standards in the subcompact category, with looks, functions and performance as its most effective summary sentences.

European developers sketch European-looking sedans, and that's real with the Kia Rio, more so in the five-door hatchback than the four-door automobile. The dull fizzy forms of previous times have contained into a wedgy look with plenty of system building behind the top side tires, Kia's new trademark grill before side (chromed on sedans, blacked-out on hatchbacks) with huge following front lights and a spherical back end. The five-door is pert and fresh and exciting for once in the nameplate's record. And while it's challenging to sketch sedans on this range, but the Rio is successful better than just about any of its competition. It's even better within. The cockpit's perfectly completed sprint hashes together Early econobox elegant with airplane-style toggle changes, a medium-to-large LCD display and a soft-touch board on most cuts for a unique look with BMW describes and glory-days Honda completes.

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