2009 Hyundai Santa FE Owners Manual

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Automobiles like this year's Hyundai Santa Fe are accountable for Hyundai's popularity as a product that offers quality and cost. Where the past Santa Fe had an odd but unique look, the lately remodeled, current edition is about as popular as you can get. View the Santa Fe from various perspectives and you might observe a likeness to more elegant midsize cross-over SUVs such as the Lincoln RX and VW Touareg. That's not to say it looks general -- it doesn't. What the Santa Fe does offer is a acquainted look and a top-notch internal that boundaries on magnificent, especially in Restricted decrease.

Hyundai's Santa Fe can be outfitted with all this segment's predicted functions, along with a third-row chair and a routing system. Customers can also choose from designs with one of two V6 applications, front- or all-wheel drive and a guide or automated gearbox. Unfortunately, you can't really mix and go with -- platform designs have less sized V6 with less power, and many of the Limited's relaxation and relaxation functions are unique to that decrease.

Overall, though, 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe is your best option for lovers in need of all-purpose transport. We wouldn't suggest it if fantastic driving characteristics are preferred. Small sized Mazda CX-7 and Mitsubishi Outlander, as well as the midsize Hyundai Murano would all be more suitable in this case, and Toyota's Highlander is roomier and faster. But if you want a lot of cross-over for the money, the Hyundai Santa Fe is quite powerful.

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