2001 Honda Civic Owners Manual

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Who's your daddy? That should be the 2001 Honda Civic's advertising tag line. Just when the old design started to get a little moldy around the sides in evaluation to the Ford Focus, Mazda Protege and Nissan Sentra, Honda drives an all-new Civic off the illustrating panel and into display rooms, making the job of picking a qualified lightweight that much more difficult.

Engineers desired to make the Civic more fun to drive while at the same time improving gas mileage with more-efficient applications. Enhanced crashworthiness, a bigger cottage and a bigger footwear were also design objectives. Included processing and conventional equipment would increase value in the sight of the individual, Honda thought. Lastly, the company desired to enhance quality 10 times over the old Civic , which appears to be rattling near difficult to us. Last seasons car was already known to be one of the most effective and firmly constructed automobiles on the earth.

Unfortunately, the hatchback design got the axe and the zippy Si Automobile vanished in the process, making two- and four-door designs available in a variety of decrease levels. Like last season, platform designs are known as DX, and include a point rim and an AM/FM four-speaker music, among other items. Mid-level LX comes with air conditioner (includes a micron air filter), power microsoft windows and hair, vacation control and a cassette outdoor patio. Top-of-the-line EX gets antilock braking system, a moonroof, 15-inch tires, a CD gamer and a more highly effective VTEC engine. If gas mileage is a concern, get the HX Automobile, available with an recommended consistently varying indication  and lightweight metal tires. Got an Ed Begley Jr. complex? Try the CVT-equipped GX Automobile, which operates on natural gas and satisfies extremely super low exhaust vehicle  requirements. GX can be outfitted with lightweight metal tires and ABS.

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