2002 Chevy Cavalier Owners Manual

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For two years, the Cavalier has been a choice sales head for Chevrolet traders. Naturally so, since the Cavalier offers affordable value and is priced low enough to contend positively in the lightweight market, often undercutting smaller sized designs from other producers.

This year, the Chevy Cavalier collection contains three new members, the LS Sport coupe, the LS Sport Sedan and the Z24 automobile, for a total of eight Cavalier designs. The LS Sport features the all-new, all-aluminum 2.2-liter EcoTec inline four-cylinder engine. Ranked at 140 power, Chevrolet statements that this engine not only gets great usage (24 city/32 highway), but does so with much less disturbance and shake than common four-cylinder engines. In addition to the new engine, the LS Sport also gets a sport-tuned revocation, a full ground effects program, metal tires, a back spoiler, body-colored showcases and door manages, and a leather-wrapped indication handle.

To increase attraction, Chevrolet has added conventional content to the amount Base and LS designs. They now come conventional with point guiding, varying wipers, a tachometer, system side moldings, floormats, a freight net, an electric distant footwear launch, peak mirror showcases, mud protects and a CD stations. A Sport overall look program that contains many of the same offerings found on the LS Sport design is also available.

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